• Modern African masks

     The traditional African fang masks have a long story behind them.  The Fang people, who are also known as Pahouin or Fan, live between Gabon and Cameroon. Fan people used masks as part of their secret societies rituals. Original Fang masks are large and elongated and usually feature heart-shaped faces with notable and long noses. 

     African Fang masks are commonly used as accents in contemporary decoration but this time the Fang Mask gets a really modern twist thanks to Sophie Pozmentier, the creative mind behind Nassara Design. Pozmentier created a modern version of the traditional Fang mask using resin and cold bright colors. These pieces, made in Burkina Faso, are exclusively sold by Iniva.

     Artist such Carlito Dalceggio and Laolu Senbanjo have collaborated with Pozmentier to create limited edition Sets of Fang Mask.  These limited edition pieces were exposed in Wynwood in 2017 and there are still a few left. 
      Nassara Design masks are the perfect statement piece for a room.  These modern Fang masks are usually used as wall art and they definitely give an African modern decoration accent to those looking for an ethnic modern touch.  




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