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Mario Gerth Jitu Fisherman a Life on The Reef II


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Sunrise. The morning breeze blows gently over the white, smoothly flushed out sandy beach and greets the fishermen with a pleasant coolness before the gleaming sunsets on the zenith. Two dhows are being loaded and the boat is already heading for the open sea. An hour later the starting ebb has pulled the boat far out to the reef. The hunt can begin. Many women carry tin pots on their heads while they collect small marine animals and sea cucumbers between the sharp edges of the reefs. Some of them are equipped with a sharp wooden spear which serves to capture squids in an impressive way. The men venture into the depths of the adjacent sea, which is raging behind the reef, to dive for bigger fish; or drill into the crystal clear sand hollows for fleshy nautili. After five hours the tide sets in and the water pushes the dhows back to the beach. The life of the fishermen doesn’t know time and is tied to the cycle of nature: the tides, the moon, rainy season and dry season.

  • Photography from Zanzibar, Tanzania.
  • Dimensions: 35.5" x 23.6" x 0.79" in.
  • Framing: Museum Print under Acrylic Glass.

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