About Us

INIVA Miami is a concept store where traditional Africa meets modern Africa.

Sandra Bellon, stylist & Sophie Pozmentier, designer, have been working in close collaboration with African craftsmen for several years. Often between Africa and Miami and fed by their passion of fashion and design they wanted to create a concept store influenced by Africa: Iniva Miami.

The name “INIVA” which means “treasures” in Gabonese dialect, perfectly corresponds to what they want to showcase: treasures of African design and fashion, allying tradition to modernity. Make the ethnic chic their credo! For it they made a selection of about ten artists, associations and craftsmen from Gabon, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Cameroon …

INIVA Miami is the logical result of INIVA Gabon and INIVA Burkina Faso. Sandra and Sophie wish to create a space where art, design, and fashion go alongside. Where we can find a good music disc, an outstanding piece of furniture, a picture from an artist living beyond the Atlantic Ocean, a fashion accessory  or simply to drink a good cup of coffee from Ethiopia. The place aims to be favorable to disorientation, to the culture of the other continent while respecting scrupulously the fair and useful trade.

Sandra Bellon & Sophie Pozmentier

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