For a Cause

Iniva created the Iniva Candle, whose profits will help enable the organization « Coup de pouce Burkina » to increase school enrollment of the most needy children in Burkina Faso.

Every aspect of this candle, from its fragrance to its packaging, was conceived of by Sandra and Sophie. The candle was fabricated in one of France’s leading wax and candle workshops, as its creators required a high-quality product for a noble cause. This candle allowed INIVA to work together with Coup de Pouce Burkina in 2015.

Coup de Pouce Burkina is an organization that was created five years ago through the hard work of Abbot Traoré to help return impoverished children to school. During his travels from village to village in Burkina Faso, Abbot Traoré discovered that, although they had an adequate educational level to remain at school, certain youths were completely abandoned by their unstable families. Through determination and very limited financial means he managed to help 15 children return to school. This year four of these children have graduated with honors: Roger is now a customs official, Mariette a nurse, Marie-Josèphe has become a mid-wife, and Arthur is a refrigeration mechanic.

In purchasing this candle you help give a chance to a child returning to school.