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Enshallah Shopping Bag Blue Yellow Green Brown


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Born in Morocco Bred in London. A fun, must-have fashion brand established in 1999 by Maryam and Daren Bonar.

This Anglo-Moroccan company focuses on high-end accessories and ready to wear items blending North African art with modern fashionable ideas. The core of the brand lies in the handmade aspect. We noticed when we first started to visit Marrakesh local artisans lacked consistency in their work, and the quality of materials which were being used was not always up to scratch.

Recycled food bags. These bags are made using recycled flour or couscous bags. The outer has been hand woven through the plastic loops in the bags to simulate a tartan weave. Each bag takes around 3 days of hard work. All colors and shapes can be adapted to suit your taste.

  • Zipped cotton pocket inside.
  • Color: Blue, Yellow, Green and Brown.
  • 80% recycled plastic, 5% nylon, 5% raffia, 9% cotton, 1% plastic.
  • Made in London. 

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