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PICHULIK Theodora Necklace


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This neckpiece is a celebration of the Byzantine empress Theodora. North African trade beads, freshwater pearls and glass beads are handcrafted and sewn into a fourth century adornment with an African feel. Theodora was one of the most-influential women of the ancient world. She was a champion of women's rights, and symbolized the union of North Africa, Middle East and the Roman Empire. She was a queen whose controversial past did not define her. She reminds us to forge our own history, and to walk with the mythology of our ancestry to guide us.
Dynamic rope hand embellished with fresh water pearls, white beads and jade, malachite and howlite stones with 22k electroplated finishes.
This product weighs 95g and is 35cm long.
This piece is open at the back and can be tied high up the chest or low down (55cm at its longest).

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