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SBG COLLECTION Long Dress Silk Green


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Beautiful long dress in silk with the kente print on. This print is the most important in Ghana in West Africa, It is a tribute at all the African Queen. 


Kente is no ordinary cloth and is easily recognisable worldwide. The method of producing kente, called strip weaving, has existed in West Africa since the 11th century. In 1697, the King of the Ashanti Kingdom, Osei Tutu, selected several weavers from nearby towns and villages to travel to neighbouring Ivory Coast to become experts in the complex art form.

Once they returned to Ghana, they started to weave the beautiful and colourful cloth exclusively for the King because kente was originally made and worn only by the royals. The weavers started to create their own unique designs, which are now well known worldwide as ‘Ashanti kente’. The Ewe is another ethnic group who also weave kente in Ghana.


Today, the Ashanti royals still wear the sacred cloth usually draped across the shoulders, including traditional black and white designs, for prestigious occasions including: ceremonies, worship, outings, marriages and funerals.

The Kente print is now one of the most famous in Africa, we can find it on silk, cotton. This dress is a tribute at all the African Queen. 

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